PAT Testing Cardiff

Our operatives are able to undertake PAT Testing Cardiff(portable appliance testing) on electrical equipment within commercial premises in Cardiff and South Wales areas. It is good practice for companies to regularly inspect electrical items and record test findings.

The frequency of the testing is dependent on the items use, site based equipment like power tools used on building sites should be tested more frequently than a PC in a fixed location in an office. There are some safety problems can be detected by examining them visually, there are many types of electrical problems that can only be detected by electrical testing.

PAT Testing Cardiff by Qualified Electrician

What Needs to be PAT Tested?

  • Movable equipment (transportable) e.g. a mobile air conditioning unit
  • Portable appliance e.g. a microwave or a kettle
  • Hand Held equipment e.g. a hair drier
  • Stationary equipment e.g. refrigerators
  • Fixed Equipment e.g. hand driers
  • Built in Equipment e.g. dishwasher or cooker
  • Information Technology (IT) equipment e.g. computers or monitors

How is PAT Test carried out?

A PAT test consists of 4 different steps:

  • User check: This is to detect any potential dangers with the equipment and environment in question, prior to use.  This is to ensure the safety of the PAT tester and the user.  This can be performed visually, for example, it’s easy to spot signs of damage like a frayed cable, as well as signs of a wet environment or trip hazards.
  • Formal visual inspection: This is the process in which a visual inspection of the appliance, cable, plugs, fuse, cable clamping arrangement etc. should be carried out. Someone who has been properly trained to perform a more thorough check of the equipment should carry this out and will usually have a checklist which outlines the points that need to be checked on every appliance.
  • Combined Inspection and Testing:  Some faults may not be visual and an appliance could have hidden damage, for example the internal electrical connections may have diminished over a long period of time.  In order to find out we need to carry out the ‘main’ test, which is electrical testing using the PAT testing equipment.  This usually involves numerous electrical tests involving currents/voltages to measure the effectiveness of the safety measures, which have been built into the appliance/equipment.
  • PAT Testing Frequency: The frequency in which a PAT test should be carried out all depends on the environment in which the appliances are situated.  It is always down to the customer to decide and never the PAT company, and should be determined how frequent using a risk based approach.  For example, appliances in an office would have to be tested a lot less than if they were in a high-risk are like an industrial environment.

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