New Fuse Board Consumer Unit Cardiff

A new fuse board will give you peace of mind that your property is safe. If you have any questions about replacing a fuse board please feel free to contact us, or request a free quote from Vanda Electrical to have your fuse board/consumer unit repaired, or a brand new one installed.

Fuse Board Consumer Unit Cardiff

What is a Fuseboard?

A fuseboard/consumer unit is where the electricity in your property is controlled and distributed. It is important that everyone should know where the fuseboard/consumer unit is located in case of an emergency, and you should need to turn the electricity off.  A fuse board typically contains three main components, a main switch, a residual current device and a circuit breaker.

  • The Main Switch – this is the component that allows you to turn off the electricity in your property.
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) – these are the switches that will trip the circuit if it happened to get dangerous, which would then turn off the electricity.
  • Circuit Breakers – these act as a protection device in a fuseboard that will turn off a circuit if there happened to be a fault.  If they happen to trip then you can reset the switch.

Why Do You Need a New Fuseboard?

There are many reasons in why someone would need a new fuseboard, and Vanda Electrical can advice and fit one for you in a professional and cost effective manner. Firstly, if you owned an old property, it’s more than likely that you’ll have an old and obsolete fuse board.  This can be problematic as they can get overloaded and new homes require more power for additional electrical devices, which the old fuseboards cannot supply

Older fuseboards may have rewireable fuses; these can be difficult to repair if a fault should occur, as older fuseboards will need new fuse wires. The majority of older fuseboards may not have a Residual Current Device (RSD), meaning that for complete protection of equipment and electrical shocks you would need to install a new one.  This helps prevent cables catching fire and causing a house wire.

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