Fire Alarm Systems Cardiff

Fire Alarm Systems Cardiff. Whether you are a residential or commercial property, fire safety systems are always an essential installation.  Fire alarms and detectors are vital for everyone’s safety, Vanda Electricals highly qualified team can install, test and maintain fire alarms or fire safety systems in your business or home property.

Fire Alarm Systems Cardiff

Fire Alarms in Commercial properties

All commercial building, either private or publicly owned should meet the minimum level of protection.   A fire in your premises must be detected quickly, with a warning to alert others, allowing people to escape safely.

Vanda Electrical can install a wide range of alarm systems, and all systems will be installed to meet the latest British standard (BS5839), with certificates being issued on completion/

It is estimated that 80% of businesses are seriously affected following a fire, so for protection over your business, your premises but most importantly, your employers and yourself, contact Vanda Electrical if you have any questions, or request a free quote.

Fire Alarms in Domestic Properties

Vanda Electrical can install everything from commercial fire alarm panels with break glass points, to domestic mains powered smoke detectors with battery back up.  It can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your property, but more importantly your family are safe from risk of fire in the property.

From installing domestic fire sprinklers to even the very basic battery operated smoke alarm, Vanda Electrical are here to help.  A simple smoke alarm installation will go a long way in the protection of your premises and family, but needs to be fitted properly and in the correct position.

Our fire alarms and detectors are tailored to your needs, and adhere to all the latest requirements by law and legislation.  So please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or request a free quote.

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