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Emergency Lighting Cardiff. Being a business owner means they have a lot of responsibility and duties, which must be fulfilled by the law.  Clearly the most important aspect of responsibility is the duty of care for staff. In the unfortunate event that there is an emergency, and there happens to be a power outage, it is important that the property has emergency lighting to ensure that staff can exit properly and safely.

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Vanda Electrical can offer emergency lighting installation throughout Cardiff and the South Wales area.  We can design, install and maintain emergency lighting systems for your property to be fully compliant with British Standards (BS5266).  We can build a solution around your requirements, whether it is a large building and even just a corridor, Vanda Electrical can help.

Benefits of Installing Emergency Lighting in Cardiff

Emergency lighting has the benefit of having a battery powered back-up meaning in event of a power failure; they will remain illuminated at all times. When the main electricity is running it will keep the back up batteries in the lights charged.

Examples of the emergency lighting work we do is emergency exits and escape routes, with everything from illuminated fire exit signs, emergency spot lights and LED escape route signs.

It is really important that the emergency lighting system is maintained, in case of an emergency, and to guarantee they are in proper working order they will need to be frequently tested. Vanda Electrical are happy to discuss a maintenance plan to suit your installations requirements. Please feel free to contact us or request a free quote.

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