Electrical Fault Finding Cardiff

Electrical fault finding Cardiff. Do you have an electrical fault or problem in your home or business property? For example, are you experiencing flickering lighting, cables overheating, the circuit breakers tripping or even loss of power? Our highly experienced electricians here at Vanda Electrical can help. We offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective service.

The majority of older homes are generally not ready for the type of power that is required in today’s time. With the increase in technology over the years comes with an increase in activity running on the circuits, and this can make the wiring’s insulation become fragile and can be a potential hazard.

There are however a number of reasons in which there could be a fault in your property, for example, over time electrical installations get damaged, corroded and just generally diminish.  The circuits may be overloaded unknowingly or even just an environmental factor like water damage etc. can be enough to cause a fault.

Electrical Fault Finding Cardiff

Faulty Electrical Repairs in Cardiff

You will be able to tell if you have an electrical fault by a few tell tale signs.  For example, if the fuse keeps blowing with no known reason, if the can smell burning when using appliances or if there is a burning smell around switches, if the lights start diming when using appliances and even hearing a cracking noise coming from switches.  If you have any of these common symptoms please contact us for a visit to test your electrical wiring and appliances

Our highly skilled electricians will be able to visual inspect the electrical appliances and wiring, to check for signs of damage, corrosion, general wear and tear and any obvious overheating. This can sometimes reveal the problem but if not then further electrical tests must be carried out.  Once the electrical fault has been found, Vanda Electrical will immediately replace the component that is faulty, or if it’s a very uncommon component, then as soon as the part is sourced.  Then finally a repeat of the electrical testing and then you will be issued with an electrical certificate.

If you are experiencing any problems with your electrics, then feel free to contact Vanda Electrical, or request a free quote.  We will work to get to the bottom of the fault and can advise you on solutions in order to resolve them.

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