Landlords Electrical Safety Obligations

Electricity regulations come in the standard of “landlords repairing obligations” in section 11 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985, where electricity does not have a special set of regulations unlike gas. Section 11 focuses on the safety of the wiring, where landlords are required to keep all electrical installations in good working order.

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Landlord Electrical Inspections and Certificates

Currently, there is no annual survey or certificate unlike gas appliances. However, as a landlord it is a good idea to get an inspection completed anyway, because there tenants behavior within your property may be different to yours. Many tenants may install electrical appliances themselves, which may be installed incorrectly and thus leaving future tenants at risk. If the future tenant were to be electrocuted, the landlord would be liable for their injuries, which could leave to a big bill without insurance or an increase in their renewal.

PAT certificates

Portable Appliance Testing is not regulation as of yet, however it is advisable due to the sheer number of electrical appliances with plugs attached to it. On approval, landlords receive a PAT certificate, which confirms that there are no issues with electrical appliances within the house. Not only does this cover your back, but it will also attract tenants who are looking for a safe property for their family.

If you are a landlord and let your property out to a new tenant, you must ensure that all appliances are safe under the Electrical Equipment Regulations 1994 and The Consumer Protection Act 1987. Failure to do so is a criminal offence and may result in:

  • £500 Fine
  • Upto Six Months in Prison
  • Manslaughter charges if serious/death
  • Additional charges through the tenant suing
  • Insurance validity may be inquestion
In the event of an incident, the defence of “due dilligence” may be accpeted, where as a landlord you can provide evidence that you took all of the relevant steps to avoid committing the offence. Of course you will need documentation to prove this, such as electrical safety certificates approved by a qualified electrician.

What do Vanda Electrical Recommend?

Normally, the health of an electrical appliances can be decided via visual inspections, thus an annual visual inspections should be completed, recording all the appliances checked. The condition of the wires should be checked and any new installations. Inspections upon tenant change-overs is essential, because they may have installed their own electrical appliances, such as a light switch that may be faulty or dangerously installed. If possible, you should be accompanied by a qualified electrician, with frequent inspections to ensure that all electrical systems comply to the current electrical regulations.

All of our electricians at Vanda Electrical are NICEIC registered, which are a national body. We recommend that inspections are carried out a minimum of once every 5 years to ensure that your property is electrically safe. To find out more, visit our Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate page.

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