How Safe Is Your Home Wiring?

In less time than you may think, the electrics in your home can become damaged or worn through general wear and tear, so it is always important that you get your electrics regularly checked to ensure they are safe for use. As recent government statistics have shown, there are more than 20,000 fires in the UK caused by an electrical fault; with around 70 people being killed and 350,000 are seriously injured. This emphasises how careful you must be.

An important electrical factor to take into account is the electrical wiring in your home.  The electrical wiring in a home is the highway that feeds the power to all the electrical appliances and installations in the home.  Like the other electrics in your home, it will become damaged and worn as time goes on and will need replacing, but when is the right time to get it replaced? Usually you should have the electrical testing carried out around once every 10 years, and the date of the last inspection should be located on the fuse board somewhere.

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This may seem like it would be a waste of time and rather dull to some people, but the cause for injury or death is proven in the statistics. Old and unsafe wiring cause more than 750 serious accidents and 12,500 fire in households over the UK every year.  In particular, when moving into a new house one of the first things that should be checked by a competent electrician will be the electrical wiring, especially older homes, as they run a higher risk of having faulty wiring.

Vanda Electrical will not only carry out a visual expectation of the wiring but also a full inspection.  Relying just on visual inspections is a very amateur way of carrying out a wiring inspection. A lot of the wiring is hidden away, whether it is behind the walls, or under floorboards or behind skirting boards.  Visual expectations can still put yourself or family in danger, because where as the electrical wiring may be safe on show, it doesn’t indicate to what the condition of the wiring is like that is hidden. A highly experience and fully qualified electrician like Vanda Electrical need to be called for your peace of mind.

Seeing as rewiring is one of the more untidy jobs that Vanda Electrical carry out, there is a possibility of some of your home becoming damaged and a bit of mess being made.  So if you happen to have any plans to redecorate your property, it is advised by the Vanda Electrical team that you carry out the electrical rewire before you do any house decorating. A house rewire can cause damage to surfaces, walls and carpets so it’s in your interest to decorate after a housing rewire.

This simplest way of knowing if your property need a rewire is by contacting Vanda Electrical to come and inspect the condition of your wiring, if your wiring is satisfactory then there will be no need to have it done, otherwise we will suggest to have it done and can carry out a free quote for you there and then. So contact us here or request a free quote.

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